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Direct Primary Care for Central Florida

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Dr. Matthew Rensberry

As a direct primary care (DPC) clinic, we partner with you to provide time and access for you with your doctor. At Anchor DPC, you will get prompt appointments and direct access, at all times, to your doctor via text, email, or phone.

We are excited to revitalize our community by creating a welcoming primary care medical facility with a relaxed atmosphere, here in the heart of Orlando, Florida. We strive to be easily accessible to patients and participate actively in our community.

Dr. Matt grew up in Central America as a missionary kid. Because of this upbringing, he speaks fluent Spanish. Dr. Matt is a veteran who served in the US Army as a Brigade Surgeon with the 1st Brigade 1st Cavalry Division and deployed to Iraq and Kuwait. He has taught medical students, residents, and authored a book on weight management. Read more about our story and Dr. Matt.

Primary Care – How you want it, When you need it.

Read through our Frequently Asked Questions to find more information. Contact us online, text or call us at: (407) 634-1690.

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He's always there when I call or text. He always responds in a timely manner and is very flexible with my schedule.

Gina Anfinsen Avatar Gina Anfinsen

Excellent doctors! If you do not have medical insurance and have a serious illness, Anchor Direct Primary Care will take care of you for a nominal monthly fee!

First name Last name Avatar First name Last name

DR Matt is one of the best doctor's I've ever seen over the many years of seeing doctor's for my different complex medical issues. I've seen some ugly doctor's over my life but let me tell you He truly cares for every person he sees as a patient, he's wonderful with children including my toddler who got to meet him, and gave him trucks to play with, this doctor loves children and we're honored to be part of the practice. Simply I haven't found a primary care doctor like Dr Matt. You're just the best thank you for all you do. You're truly gifted.

Michael Seklecki Avatar Michael Seklecki

Your Personal Physician

Anchor Direct Primary Care provides the way for you to see your doctor when and how it is convenient for you.

Easy access to medical care

  • Your doctor or nurse answers the phone
  • Average wait times of less than 5 minutes
  • Same day appointments generally available

Doctors who take time, listen, and care

  • 30 minute appointments
  • Contact your doctor by phone, e-mail, and text

The healthcare you want for an affordable monthly cost

If you, your family, business, church, civic group, or social club would like to take a tour of the Anchor Direct Primary Care clinic in Orlando, or if you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call. We can schedule a meet and greet with Dr. Rensberry.

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