Our Story

Our Story

Anchor Direct Primary Care is a family. While the public face for Anchor is Dr. Matthew Rensberry, the Anchor DPC family is built upon a core of four close friends. This practice is built upon a dream. It is the dream of medical care delivered in a way that we want it delivered for ourselves. The four of us met together, dreamed together, shared together many times in the process of shaping what has developed into Anchor Direct Primary Care.

From deep within our hearts, we believe that it is possible to receive and provide quality healthcare in the United States. Over the past few years, we have learned about the direct primary care model, and we are convinced on its merits. I (Matt Rensberry) am excited at the prospect of demonstrating how patients can receive quality care, not feel rushed with their doctor, and enjoy anytime-access to their personal doctor here in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Matthew Rensberry

I am board certified in both Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine. I grew up in Central America in the countries of Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua. From this life experience, I am able to speak Spanish fluently. I attended medical school at The Ohio State University, OH and completed my residency in the US Army at Ft. Hood, TX.

After residency, I joined the 1st Brigade in 1st Cavalry Division (Ironhorse) as their Brigade Surgeon. I deployed to Iraq and Kuwait while serving in that unit. I later filled the role of medical director for infantry basic trainees at Ft. Benning, GA. Upon leaving the Army, I moved to central Florida and joined a large residency as a teaching faculty and their medical director.

My family and I enjoy several hobbies in our spare time. Some of these include running, stand-up paddle-boarding, cycling, reading, and gardening. There is just so much to do here in Central Florida! My family loves pets and we have 3 dogs, 1 crested gecko, and 1 fish.

The direct primary care model of healthcare delivery provides a way for most people to have a personal doctor. I look forward to welcoming you to our growing Anchor DPC family!