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Is it time to worry about the Coronavirus outbreak?

With all the recent press, I wanted to provide clear information on the status of the global coronavirus situation. Is it time to worry? It is not yet time to worry, but it is time to become knowledgeable about this virus. There are 4 types of coronaviruses that cause upper …

How to Practice Mindfullness

Today’s Health Tip is: How to Practice Mindfullness!

We live most of life on autopilot, doing familiar things using our subconscious.
Mindfullness is finding opportunities to live in a state of active and open attention to the present.
Living mindfully is appreciating the moment in the present, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future.
Practicing mindfullness helps many medical conditions such as:
– Anxiety
– Athletic performance
– Depression
– Chronic pain
– Insomnia
– Substance abuse
– Weight management
– And more…
Use this tip to engage mindfullness in your daily life!